What equipment do I need to prepare to play golf for beginners?

What equipment do I need to prepare to play golf for beginners?
About classroom teaching

First, make sure you have a good instructor. He will take you from easy to deep to understand the basic training of playing good golf: putting with swing, close tee and full swing.

Second, improve the basic theory and classroom teaching learning ability. Based on golf star videos, rules of the game, and various books, you will learn to understand the basic standards of golf, how to improve the way you think on the field, and get some good advice. This can assist you to improve the standard of golf again, thus enhancing your passion for this fitness sport.

Third, more ending training. Go to the outdoor training ground with your friends often! If you are proficient in applying the fundamentals gained by the trainers and their methods, and enhance the training theme activities, you can slowly fall in love with training and witness the continuous improvement of your professional skills.

Fourth, pay high attention to weak points. Golf is a lifelong fitness sport. On the road to becoming a great golfer, you can slowly figure out that for your strengths, there are also weaknesses; more time should be spent on scientific research about your weaknesses. In golf as a fitness sport, a little basic theory coupled with a lot of practical activities can help you meet all the challenges.

Fifth, methods, responses, standards, all matter! Beginner golfers will have the opportunity to improve their technical skills, they will understand when, why and how to get the right shot. They will learn to analyze the golf course and integrate their own methods into a game plan, thus ensuring that incorrectness is minimized and development potential is maximized.


Golf equipment can be confusing and overwhelming for both novice and experienced golfers, as the total number and types of equipment available are too many to list.

However, as a golfer, there are two items that you must have: clubs and balls, plus a golf bag, shoes that allow you to stand up smoothly, and a small amount of spare parts that can help you improve your fitness and technical strength.

Suggestions about clubs

There are standards that can be customized to fit your own clubs. Just as you wouldn't step onto a golf course with shoes that don't fit your feet, you shouldn't play basketball with clubs that don't fit your hands.

Most club stores in foreign countries can reform your clubs to fit your swing specifications. If you need to buy new clubs, this service is generally completely free. If the store doesn't show this service, find a technical professional certified by the PGA or Women's PGA to reform the clubs for soccer players. Your club shaft will be reshaped to the right length and curvature, with the best part of the head and angle of inclination, and the right butt size for your hand.

Nowadays, there are also many famous brands and stores in China that specialize in producing custom-made clubs.

In this whole process, the time and money you have invested in the club is very worthwhile as you may gain in the long-term application of the club.

Proposal about golf balls

It is difficult to respond to this question because there are so many options. If you are just starting to learn, pick a ball with a solid management center and a case that is resistant to wear and tear. These balls are less expensive, more durable, can fly farther, have less spin, and have a straighter course.

According to today's standards, your performance lies heavily on your swing method rather than the golf ball, so you should focus more on improving your technical strength and not struggle with your hands.

However, it is very easy to lose a ball out of bounds when you hit water, grass, hills or out of bounds, and losing a cheap ball is certainly not as distressing as losing a few dollars' worth of balls.

If your standards slowly improve, you can try a variety of medium to high priced golf balls until you find the one that suits you best. If you become more dedicated to this fitness sport, you can immediately look for proposals from golf ball manufacturers.

Suggestions for parts and accessories

To play golf, a set of clubs and a ball are all the weapons you need. But there are additional parts that can help you be more efficient, more comfortable and more enjoyable.

If you don't want to run around the course with 14 clubs on your arm, prepare a golf bag in advance.

The two most common types of golf bags are the brace bag and the cart bag. These bags are smaller and lighter than cart bags, and when the bottom end is placed on the ground, it automatically opens its own stand design to keep the bag standing and allow the clubs to tend to the player, making it easy for them to pick.

The car cut-off bag is prepared in advance for these golfers who love to cross the reborn soccer field by car, it is large, heavier and can be tied to the back of the cart. All golf bags have bags that can be used to store balls, tees, sweaters or ponchos, and other essential items. Most golf bags have a round shape that can be used to hold an immobile folding umbrella and cotton towel, as well as a cover.

Advice on basketball shoes

Stability is a primary requirement when it comes to your golf swing, and golf shoes are uniquely designed to help you keep both feet firmly on the road while swinging. The golf shoes are also designed with an enhanced moisture barrier to prevent precipitation and dew from getting your feet wet.

Because a typical golf game takes 4 to 5 hours, the assistance presented by comfortable, well-fitting basketball shoes makes them the most sought-after spare parts. As with any casual shoe, it's best to try them out yourself before you shop. A salesman with experience should be able to give you modest advice on quality, durability, and price.

You should also consider having an umbrella on the field in advance. Depending on your location, it's likely to rain a lot while you're playing basketball. In order to better maintain comfort, an umbrella is necessary, preferably a wind-resistant golf umbrella. This type of folding umbrella has a very large canopy that will cover you and your bag during a downpour. The wind-resistant folding umbrella has a vent around the top, so that the wind will escape from the canopy and prevent the folding umbrella from bending or being destroyed.

If your hands are sweaty, too soft or too sensitive, you may want to consider wearing a rubber golf glove. In a full swing, put the rubber glove on your overall target side of the hand, that will be easier to make force. Whether or not to wear a glove is completely a personal hobby challenge.

Other essential parts in the library include a special tool for altering the markings (for altering the ball marks on the villa), and a ball holder and sunscreen for the golf balls.

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