Material of Golf Shoes

Material of Golf Shoes

Leather – Leather is by far the most popular choice for golf shoes. The leather is processed and then added to the exterior of the shoe creating a stretch-free, tight-fitting shoe. Leather is perfect for summer golf due to its breathability and the saddle design stabilises the foot in the shoe.

Most manufacturers will add a waterproof lining to protect you from the elements, whether that be a full on downpour or the dew on the ground from early morning play.

Waterproof   was the original choice for waterproof linings due to its breathability. These days there are many different linings that all offer exceptional waterproof qualities as well as breathability.

Most top manufacturers build their shoes with a one year waterproof guarantee, if you want something lighter and more airy for the summer then you don’t need the lining and the shoe will be subsequently cheaper.

Synthetic – This non-porous polyester upper provides total waterproofness but limited breathability.  They tend to be very light and a much cheaper alternative to leather.  This kind of shoe will be fine to start you on your golfing journey but the lack of flexibility in the material causes it to crack quite quickly due to the excursions of the foot during a round of golf.